I have a number of on-going projects with the Metadata Lab @Syracuse University, the Al-Adala Lab @University of Colorado Boulder, and the Lab for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH). Check out the topics and videos for examples of ongoing research below! 

Paper Summary: Longitudinal Analysis of GenBank Metadata: Scientific Collaboration (AM2020)

Science of Science Scholar Interview:  Han Zhang, Syracuse University 

Ongoing Research: Extending and Destabilizing the Scientific Lab: Intersectionality in/and the Digital Humanities 

Evolutionary Archives CAS Workshop IEEE Big Data 2022

Data Stewardship in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How do we institutionalize care in data curation? How do we leverage AI in libraries, museums, and archives? 

HealthierInfoEcosystems2023-Lightning Talk

Science of Science (SoS): Equity and International Collaboration in Dataset Production 

What is the division of labor on scientific datasets? Can we quantify the "western skew" in global dataset production?

Big Metadata Analytics: Data Ecosystem for Studying Science

Metadata lack linking systems to study of the biomedical research enterprise at scale. How can we create a linked ecosystem of big metadata to analyze the research enterprise?

3 Research Streams